Some typical anti-Trump stuff here. Was FDR a great president? SURE! I'd still say Mr Lincoln was greater, but he's definitely in the top 5, along with Reagan, Jefferson, and Washington. But is Mr Trump the worst? Probably not. He is certainly controversial, and I'd say he must have suffered some kind of collapse in 2020 because he really did not handle COVID at all well.

Oh, and as for that rebellion you claim he incited, nah. That was planned beforehand and we all know politicians use violent speech a matter of political rhetoric. And you can't get much more politically violent than a leftist.

As for doctors inflating COVID death numbers, what about Mr Cuomo's deliberately hiding the COVID death numbers in New York to protect his own reputation? See, both sides are pretty good and political failure.

But what about the positives? It's true that we are not engaged in a world war against political tyranny at this time (back then, it was Fascism and Communism (i.e., leftism), though we accepted the latter as an ally of convenience); can you admit to nothing that Mr Trump has done on the positive side of the ledger?

He, fortunately, has named lots of good judges to the Federal bench and the SCOTUS.

The Space Force: sure lots of people laughed at that one, but it was a strong move. We've already fallen behind the Chinese in many matters, and if you think they and the Russians aren't going to weaponise space, do think again. Electronic and space warfare are a reality.

Criminal Justice reform. Some good steps were made in this regard with the First Step Act.

He's the only president EVER to have attended / addressed the March for Life. This is the last and greatest human rights issue we have left in the USA, and whether you like him or not, whether you think he's empathetic or a boob, he's on the right side of this issue.

Peace in the Middle East: well not quite! But he's herded that bunch of cats into a whole series of peace negotiations and normalisation of diplomatic relations between Israel and various Islamic countries. This is major.

For all his failures over COVID, his Operation Warpspeed did get us not one, not two, not three, but at least FIVE different COVID vaccines ready to go or in serious trials.

Frankly, you can go on about empathy, but I want a POTUS who gets America, recognises America's greatness and its moral and social preeminence and gets stuff done accordingly. He's not an empathetic man. That doesn't bother me.

So does that make Mr Trump a "terrible president"? No!, not at all. It just makes him an unempathetic person who happens to be president. Why get so bent out shape about it?




Thinker, seeker, writer.

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Chris Brown

Chris Brown

Thinker, seeker, writer.

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